John J. Uskert


Writing has been a passion for John Uskert. It was during law school and the actual practice of law that communication and persuasive skills were greatly enhanced, sharpened and refined.  Uskert has been writing as a ghost writer for a legal publishing company for several years.  In addition, Uskert routinely submits sundry articles to a variety of publications.  Uskert writes with zeal, intensity and fervor.  Convincing communication is not only an art form, but the objective. 

Since turning his passion into a profession, John Uskert has been constantly exploring new themes, genres and ideas, yet he remains committed to integrating the art of persuasion.

Creating and developing an abstract idea or concept, a mental or physical image, draft after draft after draft, results in professional satisfaction for the writer.


The real story behind John Uskert has failure as its genesis.  As an eighteen year old college freshman, Uskert was registered with the Selective Service as a potential draftee for the Vietnam War.  In February, 1968, after several years of dubious college work, Uskert received his draft notice from the U.S. Army.  He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force for four years, serving overseas in Okinawa and South Korea.  

‚ÄčOn obtaining his Honorable Discharge, Uskert graduated from community college in Florida, earned his B.S. in Pharmacy degree and his J.D. law degree.  Uskert practiced pharmacy for 41 years, simultaneously with 28 years of law practice before retiring from those professions.  His academic failure at 18-20 years of age was the impetus required for success at the secondary and post-secondary educational levels. The maturity gained serving with the U.S. Armed Forces, his college education together with experience and wisdom achieved as an adult professional in two careers, has provided the necessary foundation as a writer.