Persuasive Letters - Educational Grant

John J. Uskert


January 5, 2010

Stephen Blufton Memorial Educational Fund

c/o American Business Women's Association

Kansas City, MO 


     Re: Jane Doe, Applicant      Our File No.  None


Dear Sir or Madam Chairperson:

     I highly recommend Applicant Jane Doe for your consideration for an outright educational grant in the maximum amount.  I have known Jane for over two  years as a Butler University pharmacy student.  She has worked with me in the retail pharmacy setting at CVS Pharmacy in Anytown, Indiana periodically for the last two years.  In my observation of her, I believe Jane to be exemplary in her role as a health care professional, striving to provide competent and quality pharmaceutical services to our patients, necessary instructions regarding patient medications, and at the same time, evincing compassion for those she serves.  Jane is a true professional in every sense.

     Academically, Jane has risen far above the average student in central Indiana through hard work and continual directed study.  Her academic performance at Butler University School of Pharmacy is exceptional.  Jane will undoubtedly positively advance the profession of pharmacy upon graduation and licensure; she will be a role model for those who follow.

     Over the past two years, I have also learned and observed that Jane is a well rounded individual with an array of extracurricular interests which exhibit skills and talent.  There is no question that Jane will be a future leader in the health care professions.

     Once again, I recommend Jane Doe for an outright educational grant from SBMEF.  If you have questions of me, or if I can help Jane in any way to further her application, do not hesitate to call or write.



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